Responsive Web Design is not a trend, it's forward thinking

With the plethora of mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones filling the market in the past few years, your clients no longer need to wait to get to their desktops to access products and services on your website. If your current website does not scale to fit all those devices making accessing your information fast and easy, you are doing a great dis-service to your clients and customers. Device access to the web has changed and so must your way of presenting your information to your audience. Build your site for the future.


You don't need to build a separate site for every device.

To build a separate website for each current and emerging type of web access device is not only impractical but makes bad economic sense. Imagine having to create a separate site for each size of new smartphone or tablet PC, not to mention the different orientations like viewing in potrait or landscape. Building your site responsively allows you to build one site, arrange important content the way you want to and have that one site fit every type of viewing device without having to zoom in and out and scroll left to right to read a site's content. Build your site to support any kind of device, any size screen, with any resolution. NOW THAT'S SMART!!

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